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What Questions Should You Ask at the End of an Interview?

Interviews shouldn’t be a one way process and and it’s always refreshing from an interviewer’s perspective to have an inquisitive candidate. It’s acknowledged that when asked in an interview if you have any questions you should reply with some carefully considered questions. But what questions should they be? Ask the wrong questions and you can undo all the good work you have done in the interview. Ask the right questions though and you could seal yourself either a place in the next round of interviews, or even the job itself. Here are 5 great questions to ask in an interview:


What training and development opportunities are on offer?

Always a good question to ask. By highlighting that you are keen to increase your skill-set and add further value to the organisation, you’re making yourself an attractive hire, someone that isn’t going to move on quickly resulting in another expensive hiring process.


Is there scope for promotion in the future?

Very similar to the previous question, it portrays a determination to remain with the company and progress within it over the long term. A candidate who lacks the drive to better themselves is never going to be an attractive hire for a company.

How would you describe the company work culture?

A clever, insightful question that shows you want to operate at your best, and know that this means adapting to the company environment. It shows that you are flexible, self-aware and know how to get the best out of yourself.

How long have you worked here? What would you say is the best thing about working for the company?

This question works on two levels. Firstly, it shows that you are interested in the role and the company, and are keenly looking for the positives that exist in the business. Secondly,and more cleverly, it shows a personal interest in your interviewer. People like being asked their expert opinion, and it will help you forge a connection with them, resulting in you being more memorable when deciding who gets to the next round of interviews or who actually gets offered the role.

Is there anything that you don’t think I’ve covered in my interview, or something that you’d like me to explain further?

This is the KEY questions that you should ask in EVERY interview you ever have. The last thing you want is the interviewer to have any doubts about you, so if you haven’t covered something fully, or they didn’t understand something you said, this gives you a second bite at the cherry. As well as this, it also shows your desire to be taken seriously for the role. By simply asking this question, it gives you the opportunity to turn what could have been a disastrous interview into a successful one.

Whether you ask one or all of the questions that we’ve suggested, doing so will only help your chances of a positive outcome to your interview.